About Company

Who are we?
HIMALAYA ENTERPRISES is a revolutionary emergence in the field of Fire Protection, Fire Alarm and Detection, Sanitary Plumbing, Water Treatment and Hydro-pneumatic Systems, formulated on the ethics of professionalism and to create versatility in their work with an experience and dynamic team of professional acumen, who have dedicated 15 years to this profession.

The founder and Proprietor Mr Anil Pant started his career with M/s Meera and Co Ltd. New Delhi and also has worked for Batliboi Ltd, New Delhi before starting Himalaya Enterprises. The Company has executed a series of Fire protection and Plumbing works for Hotels, Housing Complexes, Industrial Complexes and Factories under Mr Anil Pant leading it from the front.
Our Motto
"Our philosophy is personalized and innovative decision and focused services, informative and innovative decision support system.”
Our Approach
To ensure the total satisfaction of our clients’ needs and the focus of our services is to provide customized solutions based on sound Engineering and Quality and Workmanship ensuring a continued relationship with our clients. To achieve our objective, work towards improvisation through available data on technical updates, which we share with the consultants/clients.
We Pursue Excellence!
In a competitive world, the pursuit of excellence demands unsurpassed ability to focus on safety to deliver superior work to the satisfaction of consumers and the client. Himalaya Enterprises is a resource for both on‐ and off‐site support to help companies meet market demands for performance, reliability, integration and implementation by providing them unmatched safety solutions.
We are the Smart Route
We will be your partner in providing both process and technology to ensure that your product deployment meets critical tests of performance in a changing world. Whether it's expertise to help you maximize peaceful working hours while minimizing safety hazards to zero, hence leveraging your services to rise above the rest in the market.

Himalaya Enterprises has two separate divisions, which act as profit centers. However in view of multi disciplinary expertise of our professional staff there is a total integration for implementation of project is concern.
Our Services include
Fire protection and alarm system
Electrical panels
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