Product Division

Solutions for today & always

"Unique feature of our services is absolute transparency, Timely execution, Sound advice, enduring relationships and complete automation.”

We work 'hand‐in‐hand' with our clients. Whether you desire to integrate, optimize, or even get new products and solutions, our many years of expertise; strong intellectual property and extensive resources will provide you with assistance to save you time and investment costs. With our client oriented services, qualified staff and special tools like rectifier welding set gas cutting set, threading machines, drill machines, pipe bending machine, adjustable ladders, levels and gauges, maggers, tong testers etc., Himalaya Enterprises will always keep you ahead of the safety curve!

Fire Protection System

Himalaya Enterpeises is involve in Supply installtion testing, commissning and maintenace of all types of fire fighting system. we offer Fire Sprinkler system, fire hydrant system, Fire fighting wet riser system and all types of fire extinguisher.

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